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Podiatry…what’s it all about?

Podiatry is a brilliant career if you’re interested in science, biology, chemistry or medicine.

Especially if you are:

  • Caring
  • Compassionate
  • A team player
  • Understanding
  • Keen to help others
  • Analytical

Podiatrists provide preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of a range of problems affecting the feet, ankles and legs.

What does a podiatrist do?

‘A Podiatrist’s primary aim is to improve the mobility, independence and quality of life for their patients. Imagine how amazing that feels!’

Podiatrists specialise in the foot, ankle and leg, leading the patient care through the whole journey including prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Podiatrists work in a variety of places and can work with a team of people including doctors and nurses or on their own running their own business

Qualifying as a Podiatrist

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How much does a Podiatrist earn?


Degree apprenticeship in podiatry

4th March 2020

From an apprenticeship in dental nursing to a degree apprenticeship in podiatry “My name is Shona Wesley, I am 19 years old and studying podiatry at the University of Huddersfield through the new degree apprenticeship programme with East Lancashire Hospitals Trust. When I first left school, I wasn’t fully sure what career path I was […]

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My experience as an apprentice so far…

2nd March 2020

Different ways to study podiatry… Some universities are now offering a new route of study for podiatry.  The degree apprenticeship!  Same course content just a different way of achieving that end result – HCPC registered Podiatrist! Natasha Bassett tells her story of how she became one of the first people to enrol as an apprentice […]

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Sports injuries – What role does the podiatrist play?

19th February 2020

Kick-start your career in podiatry today! Sports injuries are a specialist field within the Podiatry profession.  It is representative of the diverse, varied and exciting career that podiatry can offer. The College of Podiatry has recently launched a new campaign to promote podiatry in sports with Trevor Prior, a sports podiatrist and podiatric surgeon.   […]

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Apprenticeship route: A new way to study podiatry

4th February 2020

Up until last year the only way to study podiatry was to go to university and study a BSc (Hons) or pre-registration MSc degree (click here for further information).  Because of the Governments’ enthusiasm for apprenticeships we have an opportunity to offer an additional route of study. This is a great for those who need […]

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11th October 2018

A campaign raising the profile of careers in podiatry The College of Podiatry has launched a new campaign #ISeeTheDiffernce to recruit the next generation of podiatrists.  Teaming up with other small allied health professions to highlight the unique benefits of a career as a healthcare specialist. Through this campaign we’re hoping to tell as many […]

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Shadowing fuelled my ambition to be a podiatrist

20th September 2018

We know that a vast majority of students come into podiatry because they’ve had some sort of experience of the profession.  This may be because they’ve had treatment themselves or a family member or friend has received treatment.  This is exactly what happened to Freya who has now just started studying podiatry in Cardiff. As […]

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Your Biology Qualification – One Great Route to Employment, Career and Love

Career choices

16th August 2018

Choosing What to do With Your Biology Qualification A biology qualification can be the key to lots of different exciting opportunities. If you’ve just received your exam results and you’re now the proud owner of a biology qualification, first of all congratulations, and secondly do you know what you are going to do with it? […]

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From Shoulder Pads to a Successful City Centre Clinic

Louise Reaney portrait

9th August 2018

In this third blog in our series “What I did with my podiatry degree” podiatrist Louise Reaney tells us how she thought she wanted the glamour of power suits with shoulder pads but found her true vocation as a podiatrist.  After over 20 years in the profession Louise is still just as enthusiastic about her career choice. […]

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Diabetes, Dominica and Diving!

Anna and the Priamary Care team

12th July 2018

Golden Ticket Opportunities There are many opportunities available once you have completed your Podiatry degree.  Podiatry really is a golden ticket career.  In this second blog in our series “What I did with my podiatry degree”  podiatrist Anna Evans tells her story of how she came to work with the International Diabetes Association teaching foot […]

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I was a patient – now I’m a podiatrist!

9th July 2018

From Patient to Podiatrist A lot of students decide to study podiatry because they’ve been a patient themselves or a friend or family member has received treatment.   It was his experience of patient care by a podiatrist that made Sacha decide to train as a podiatrist at the University of East London.  Having just […]

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