You’ve Passed Biology – Now What?

You've passed biology - Clearing 2017 Podiatry

FANTASTIC – You’ve passed your Biology exams CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! BUT what are you going to do with your new biology qualification? Stuck & not sure what’s next for you? Then take this quick quiz DO YOU WANT TO – Build on your biology knowledge and use it in a practical way?    YES […]

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Clearing 2017 – Have you thought about Podiatry?

Careers in Podiatry

Podiatry – What Exactly is Podiatry ?? If you’ve never heard of podiatry, or maybe you have and just don’t realise how amazing it is,  you need to find out more!   There are still places available through clearing 2017 on podiatry courses, so be quick and you might just be one of the lucky ones […]

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Cardiff – The place I chose to #studypodiatry

Natalie and her pod squad off for a coffee

Cardiff Student Natalie Pitman tells us what she loves about Cardiff and studying podiatry Canton, West Cardiff is now my home. From my front door to Llandaff campus is around a 20 minute walk, or I can get the number 1 bus if the Welsh weather is particularly ghastly! I tend to walk as I […]

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Career change… From Accountancy to Health!

Kate Donegan in clinic

Kate, a graduate from Cardiff tells us how she changed from a career in accountancy to a career in podiatry! After leaving school, I went to Newport University and undertook an Accountancy degree,  not really what I wanted to do but seemed a good career choice at the time!  After finishing the degree I started […]

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Physiotherapy or Podiatry? A tale of two graduates…

Matt Rothwell in Clinic

Graduates Stella Meadows and Stephanie Speight tell us how they both wanted to be physiotherapists but ended up studying podiatry at The University of Huddersfield. Stella’s story “I had originally applied to Huddersfield for the Physiotherapy degree, I was asked to join an open day for Podiatry, having no clue whatsoever what podiatry was all […]

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I wanted to be a nurse but… I chose Podiatry

Podiatry student Juvial wanted to be a nurse but through clearing ended up choosing podiatry.  Here’s his story: “I am one of those people who was very fixated on doing a nursing degree no matter what. After I finished my diploma in Access to Nursing, I straight away applied for a nursing degree in various […]

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Come and #Studypodiatry in Beautiful Wales

  Thinking of Studying Podiatry? Come and join us at…             Did you know that The Wales Centre of Podiatric Studies, based at Cardiff Metropolitan University, is the only centre for the education of Podiatrists within Wales? The course is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, with bursary arrangements available […]

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University of Salford…supporting the homeless

Salford Podiatrists - Urban Village Team

University of Salford Podiatrists support the Urban Village Homeless Clinic The Urban Village Manchester offers a fantastic clinic for people of no fixed abode (NFA) where GPs, nurses and social workers currently open their practice doors one afternoon a week to offer medical and social help, advice and treatment to these vulnerable individuals.  Following the […]

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Where shall I #studypodiatry…?

Our blog this week gives you information on studying and applying for podiatry at the University of Plymouth Choosing your university is a big decision and it needs to be right for you.  If you are looking for a top three modern university with its own medical and dental school plus newly built student accommodation, purpose […]

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Where is the profession going, and what are podiatry’s USPs?

Quo Vadis? by Alex Catto. At least there is no threat of a robot taking over your job. You can always tell when things are going badly with the economy. Forget the hopeful blandishments of the politicians…..the real trouble signs are when patients start to ask you if podiatry is a good profession to recommend […]

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