Clearing 2017 – Have you thought about Podiatry?

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Podiatry – What Exactly is Podiatry ??

If you’ve never heard of podiatry, or maybe you have and just don’t realise how amazing it is,  you need to find out more!  

There are still places available through clearing 2017 on podiatry courses, so be quick and you might just be one of the lucky ones to take their first steps into a caring, innovative and inspiring career in podiatry.

A podiatrists primary aim is to improve mobility, independence and the quality of life for their patients – Imagine how amazing that feels!  Podiatrists provide preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of a range of problems affecting the feet, ankles and legs.  The scope of practice is huge!

Some of the areas you could find yourself working in are:

  1. A professional sports team
  2. Running your own private practice
  3. Part of a team with other health professionals
  4. NHS hospitals and clinics
  5. Lecturer in a university
  6. In research
  7. For a trade organisation

The list goes on, and the choice is yours!
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Clearing 2017 Podiatry


As with most jobs, there is a lot more to it than most people realise. Podiatrists may start off in general clinics after they first graduate, but many soon choose specific areas of practice, that particularly interests them.
Such as:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Wound care
  3. Sports injuries
  4. Rehabilitation
  5. Nail surgery
  6. Paediatric biomechanics
  7. Rheumatology

There are still places available through Clearing 2017 !


Now you know a little bit more about podiatry, why not explore a little further and then contact one of the podiatry schools and see if you are lucky enough to secure a place to start this September.

A number of podiatry schools still have places left which will be available through clearing 2017 so don’t let the grass grow under your feet use our interactive map for details of all of the podiatry schools

Don’t just take our word for it…

Current students and recent graduates are the best people to talk to if you think podiatry might be for you.  Read our student and graduate blogs for yourself.  It may just help you make the best career decision of your life!


Clearing 2017 Student Quotes

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One thought on “Clearing 2017 – Have you thought about Podiatry?

  1. Hi Hale,
    Lovely to hear from you.
    You’d first need to check which institutions still have places on offer for this year by checking the UCAS clearing website. Here is the link.
    You’ll just need to tell select where you live from the drop down menu and enter Podiatry into the course title box and click search. UCAS will give you a full list of the podiatry schools that still have places available.

    Then I’d contact the specific school of podiatry you are interested in applying to, and speak to their admissions tutor. They will be able to answer all of your questions.

    You can use this link to get the contact details for all of the podiatry courses in the UK.

    Just scroll down to the “Find a Course” section & click on the podiatry school you are interested. You’ll get a pop up with all of the contact details you need.

    I hope this helps & thank you for getting in touch.
    Do come back to us here if you need any more help.
    Good luck with your search for a place.

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