Final Year – We made it! Now to a fantastic career ahead!

Final year students

Two final year podiatry students from the University of East London reflect on their time at university.

Jay says studying podiatry has been one of the best decisions she has made and is eager to start her career as a podiatrist.

‘’Having just finished my final year at UEL studying Podiatry I can safely say it is a completely life changing degree and one of the best decisions I have made. There is no denying that there is a lot to learn, but the resources are plentiful and from the get-go we are armed for an exciting academic journey with support and encouragement from our lecturers. The course is aimed at making us sound, safe, effective practitioners. This not only involves getting a grasp of anatomy and physiology but also understanding professional conduct and elements of clinical governance.

Great Clincal Facilities

The clinic facilities on campus are a perfect setting for easing wide-eyed, nervous first years into treating patients and very quickly clinic days became my favourite days.

Lectures coupled with fantastic placement opportunities have given me a great insight into many aspects of assessing and treating the foot. All the teaching and experience eventually slots into place and towards the end of the degree it becomes greatly satisfying to be able to use what we have learnt to diagnose and treat. The course has given me the opportunity to forge strong friendships and I am eager to start my career as a podiatrist, all thanks to UEL and their Podiatry staff’’.



Craig Says “The knowledge, connections and friends that I have made throughout the degree has led me to conclude that choosing a career in Podiatry was undoubtingly the smartest choice I have made!’’

‘’Why feet? Feet are disgusting! You only cut toenails, right? What does the heart and nervous system have to do with your feet?

Podiatrists will tell you that these are just a handful of questions that they have been subjected to throughout their careers. Initially I too thought the same, but it wasn’t until studying Podiatric medicine, did I realise how complex and fascinating the foot actually is.

Podiatry caught my eye for a number of reasons. Having initially done work experience in a private practice during my teenage years, I came to realise that I too could run my own business, choose my own hours and make my own money. Additionally, I wouldn’t be ‘stuck behind a desk’ for hours on end, – I would rather treat people!

Scope and Flexibility

Studying Podiatry has given me entry into a profession that is both extremely flexible and applicable. The highly specific skill set obtained in the degree has provided me the option to move nationally or internationally. As everyone has feet, you will always be needed!

The final and to me the most important reason, is where I realised Podiatry could take me. Throughout my degree at UEL, I was exposed to an array of Podiatric clinics. This included: biomechanics, the high-risk foot, diabetic ulcerations, routine Podiatry, domiciliary caseloads and nail surgery. By having this exposure, I gained the necessary skills in all areas of Podiatry and realised where my niche was. Now that I am qualified, I can decide as to where I feel my speciality lies.  Studying Podiatry at UEL has truly been a life changing experience!

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