Physiotherapy or Podiatry? A tale of two graduates…

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Graduates Stella Meadows and Stephanie Speight tell us how they both wanted to be physiotherapists but ended up studying podiatry at The University of Huddersfield.

Stella’s story

“I had originally applied to Huddersfield for the Physiotherapy degree, I was asked to join an open day for Podiatry, having no clue whatsoever what podiatry was all about I agreed after doing some research. I found the course offered me a larger scope of practice, with a range of areas to specialise in such as Musculoskeletal and biomechanics, Diabetes and wound care, you can even go for further training to qualify as a podiatric surgeon.


The University Podiatry clinic is a safe well supported learning environment giving students hands on patient experience on a weekly basis, as well as the usual clinical placements. I have found the podiatry team fantastic, right from the technicians that run the dispensary and the gait analysis lab through to the head of the podiatry division, every team member has the time to answer any questions. After the open day I was converted, podiatry was the job for me, I haven’t looked back since and have never regretted taking the leap.



I have made many friends from all age groups and have thoroughly enjoyed completing my degree here at Huddersfield”.

Stephanie’s story

“Originally I didn’t apply to Huddersfield to do Podiatry, I applied to do physiotherapy but I received a call asking if I would be interested in a change in course. My initial reaction was, no, I didn’t want to cut toenails for living. However, keeping an open mind, I was invited to an open day in order to get a feel for what the course would entail. Here I realised there was so much more to podiatry than toenails, and there is something to suit everyone whether it is wound care, gait analysis, musculoskeletal clinics including manufacturing insoles, and even surgery. There are so many options you can take after leaving university too, you have the option of working within the NHS, a private practice or furthering your education and undertaking a postgraduate degree and specialising in areas such as surgery, musculoskeletal and forensics.


The university provides excellent facilities including an onsite clinic where you regularly treat members of the public, scary I know, but it really is great! This is in addition to a yearly block placement at an NHS trust.

Another aspect of the university that I found appealing was the staff, and how they presented themselves on the open day. After three years of getting to know all members of staff, including the tutors, the technicians and clinical demonstrators, I stand by the notion that the support they provide is second to none. They are all compassionate, honest, down to earth and all in all an excellent team.

I 100% do not regret my decision to change courses. I am now on my way to becoming specialised in the lower limb, and not just toenails.


University of HuddersfieldPlease click here for further information on studying podiatry at The University of Huddersfield.





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