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Podiatry Careers Information – New Website

Our beautifully formed but slightly dated website has undergone a transformational makeover.  Now fully optimised for your phone, tablet or anything else you use for viewing, we hope you’ll find it easier to access from wherever you are. Plus it’s busting at the seams with masses of new content too.

We know trawling the internet for careers information can be a chore so we’ve made it super easy for you if you’re interested in podiatry. We’ve put absolutely everything you need to know about a career in podiatry in the UK in one easy to access place.

Podiatry Careers Information Website – Quick Guide

We’ve split the site into five easy to navigate sections. Here’s what we have included:

Qualifying as a Podiatrist

Podiatry Careers information Qualifying as a Podiatrist interactive mapEverything you need to know about finding your podiatry course, applying and getting your degree.
We’ve included:

  • Podiatry degree course information
  • Entry requirements
  • Finding a course (near to home or as far away as possible!) using our interactive map
  • Some Podiatry Student case studies

Careers in Podiatry

Everything you need to know about the opportunities in the world of podiatry.

We’ve included information on :

  • Different & varied career options
  • The Scope of Podiatry
  • Case studies of Podiatrists working in the UK
  • Case studies of Podiatrists working overseas

Podiatry Careers Information Lets Talk Money graphic

Lets Talk Money

Money is an important factor for many career changers and school leavers alike. In this section we’ve covered :

  • How much will it cost to qualify?
  • How much can I earn as a podiatrist?
  • Student finance case study

Podiatry Careers Resources

We’ve got three separate areas of resources for you

A Footage section (corny I know!) (Whoops there’s another one!) containing a selection of informative Podiatry videos

Podiatry Careers Information Classroom Resources ScreenshotA Resources section containing lots of downloadable resources for teachers, parents or potential students

A Podiatry Careers blog – it’s in it’s infancy but will be a growing resource of podiatry careers information.
Our aim is to include guest bloggers from careers advisers to students, university staff and Podiatrists.   We hope that the blogs will not only inform you but also inspire you to become the next generation of Podiatrists. So please do keep popping back!

Well that’s the end of our website guided tour.

I hope you think we’ve done a pretty good job of putting it all together. BUT if you think we’ve missed something do tell us in the comments below.

Please share this blogpost if you think people you know would benefit from reading it too.

Many thanks.


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