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The College of Podiatry is working with the Schools of Podiatry across the UK to showcase each School’s course and facilities. Welcome to Ulster University’s showcase blog…

It’s well known that Ireland and Northern Ireland are famous for their ‘craic’ and friendly inhabitants and we warmly invite you to join us here in Ulster University to experience what we’re all about. The BSc Hons Podiatry degree we offer is second to none with 100% satisfaction from recent graduates, who felt that their course was interesting and well supported, with 92% now in employment following graduation in June.

Our programme is delivered in an environment where as students you are regarded as adult learners, potential future colleagues and developing practitioners. Our supportive and encouraging staff team helps you to meet the challenges of the course with confidence and the experience and diversity of those staff enriches your learning. We know everyone learns differently so we vary the approaches we take to try to make learning as enjoyable as possible…

leg-artOur profession is one of sub-specialties: sports medicine, paediatrics, rheumatology, musculo-skeletal, diabetes, general practice, dermatology, medico legal and podiatric surgery all offer potential routes of employment and extended scope of practice. Our degree tries to increase your awareness of these roles both individually and as part of a team, and the broad base of training will prepare you for entry into any of these sub-specialties. As an added incentive to come to Ulster, we are the first programme across the UK and Ireland that includes injectable cortisone therapy in the undergraduate curriculum.

As our profession is very practical in nature, it’s vital that you get as much hands on experience as possible. We’re very lucky because we have fantastic links with our local Health Trusts and our students get a massive 19 weeks of NHS placement across their three years of training.

We also have our very own on site clinic, and there’s a chair waiting for you…

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