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Duplex Scanning Course- Vascular Department, Hammersmith Hospital. Written by Louise Fullerton (3rd year podiatry student at UEL)

The University of East London (UEL) has many contacts within the world-renowned London teaching hospitals, resulting in fantastic opportunities for students, like me, to enhance our podiatry degree.

One such opportunity presented itself recently in the shape of a two-day course in Duplex ultrasound waveform scanning, at Hammersmith hospital. This was an amazing opportunity and I was quick to jump at the chance to learn this technique. The objective of the course is to extend podiatric skills within the community and ultimately, to see this training incorporated into the podiatry degree. This would improve referrals to vascular by reducing the unnecessary and speeding up the urgent referrals.


Group scan

After a short introduction with this friendly, highly skilled team, my fellow students and I were let loose on some very sophisticated machinery.

Scan and screenI could immediately see how beneficial this diagnostic tool would be in community podiatry. The radiographers made it look simple, but initially, it proved somewhat tricky. It was rather like a first driving lesson when you can’t seem to steer and change gear at the same time, let alone remember the clutch. I found it impossible to rotate the hand piece and watch the screen at the same time without drifting off the blood vessel, and remembering which buttons to press at which time… well, lets just say, I stalled a few times. However, after a couple of hours of patient teaching, amazingly, I got it!

This was an amazing opportunity and I was quick to jump at the chance to learn this technique

Student and Teacher2
The second day of the course gave us the opportunity to assess some very patient patients. Their varying degrees of arterial disease helped consolidate our new skills and reinforced my view that this should be an assessment we carry out in the community.

All in all, an excellent course and many thanks to everyone involved in making it happen.

In addition to Hammersmith, UEL provide third year student rotations at King’s College Hospital, Royal Free Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital, to name a few and you just cannot beat the special feeling of learning in these famous centres of excellence. These opportunities will help us to become the new generation of dynamic, flexible clinicians that are needed to see the podiatric profession move forward. Let’s become the diversely skilled workforce the profession is seeking. It’s up to us, the new graduates, to seize every chance and shape the things to come.

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