Podiatry Degree, A Golden Ticket Career

Golden ticket

Students Studying for a Podiatry degreeIf you are looking to work in healthcare but are not completely set on an area of clinical practice, then I would urge you to consider podiatry.
Holding a podiatry degree certificate is a bit like having a golden career ticket. It can open the door to working in many different roles in a huge range of organisations and living the lifestyle that you want. Many of the career options are rewarding, interesting, adventurous, fascinating and varied.

The thought that a big group of people taking the same career specific degree can all end up doing so many different jobs all still related to the subject is very exciting. It also means that your career can take many different directions during your working life, which for a nomad like me has proved incredibly valuable.

The other really exciting thing about holding a podiatry degree is currently there is a 90% graduate employment rate 3 months after graduation.


That’s HUGE when compared to hundreds of other degree programmes.

After Your Podiatry Degree

Once you have qualified, as a podiatrist the world is your oyster.
Here are just a few of the things that I and podiatry friends of mine have done.

  • Working as a specialist clinician in the NHS
  • Running their own successful private practice
  • Heading overseas to work in a leprosy hospital
  • Working as a lecturer in higher education
  • Working their way up to being a Consultant Podiatrist in the NHS
  • Being a private practice owner in Ontario Canada
  • Completing a PhD in clinical research
  • Becoming a University Pro-Vice Chancellor
  • Working as a specialist children’s podiatrist at Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Being employed as the team podiatrist to a professional football team & county cricket team
  • Becoming a Senior Podiatrist in the Australian Flying Doctor Service
  • Training in surgical podiatry

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea that a podiatry degree isn’t going to pigeon hole you when it comes to your career choices and it’s going to provide more opportunities for work than you might think possible.

One degree, a lifetime of career opportunities!

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The Podiatry Careers Team

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