Podiatry Students Descend on Liverpool!

Building Bridges in Liverpool

So here we are at the 2017 College of Podiatry annual conference and today we saw podiatrists and podiatry students descend on Liverpool in vast numbers!  The ACC in Liverpool is a fantastic conference venue and there was certainly an energetic buzz about the place this morning.

Students from the 13 podiatry schools all got together this morning for their meet and greet which included a team building exercise.

They set about the task in hand – building a bridge using uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows!

It’s getting competitive!

Pressure was on and one very competitive group even enlisted the help of the Chairman, Debbie Delves!


Who’s eating all the props?

Brighton Student Sarah eating the props!

Sarah, a student from the University of Brighton, decided the best thing to do with the marshmallows was to eat them! (No wonder her teams bridge collapsed!)

Liverpool continued…

So that was only the first hour of the first day here!  We’ll be blogging again soon so check back in if you want to keep up with what else has been going on!



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