Unable to Get into Physiotherapy With Your A Level Results?

Unable to Get into Physiotherapy With Your A Level Results?

Unable to Get into Physiotherapy With Your A Level Results? There are alternatives.If You’re Unable to get into Physiotherapy with your A level results – Read & Watch on !

If you find yourself in a position where you’re unable to get into physiotherapy with your A level results, do not despair, there are alternatives.

Sadly you are not alone. The points needed to secure a place on a physiotherapy degree have gone up & up over the last few years.
BUT just because you don’t have the point’s, does not mean that you would not make a brilliant clinician. It just means there are far more people wanting to be physiotherapists than there are places on degree courses, so the points go up.

It’s just supply & demand!

THE GOOD NEWS IS – there are alternatives for you to consider.

If you’re thinking about looking for another healthcare course and trying to secure a place through UCAS clearing, then I’d urge you to spend just 2 minutes of your time with Dave James.
He’s a podiatrist & we’ve given him less than 2 minutes to tell you as much as he can about podiatry.

The Next 2 Minutes Could Change the Course of Your Life!


So what do you think? Does it sound like something that could offer you what you’re looking for as a career?

Available Podiatry Places in UCAS Clearing Button

Podiatry has such a broad scope of practice. Yes it overlaps quite a bit with physiotherapy, BUT it also contains a lot of other elements like prescribing, wound care, footwear fitting & dermatology. This huge variety makes it a great career choice for lots of different people, looking to work in the healthcare sector.

In comparison with physiotherapy, podiatry offers you a very similar career structure, NHS pay scales, and private business opportunities. As Dave points out you can work in :

  • The NHS
  • Your own business
  • Research
  • Education
  • Rehab centres
  • Sports clubs
  • Surgery
  • Etc.

There really is so much variety within the profession of Podiatry that you can build a career with lots of different elements, or you can go super deep on just one. The choice is entirely your’s.

So even if your A level results are not good enough to get into physiotherapy, this is not the end of your clinical career, because podiatry could still offer you most of what you were looking for & potentially more and there are places available on Podiatry courses via UCAS clearing.

For more information about accessing a Podiatry course via UCAS clearing please use this button

Available Podiatry Places in UCAS Clearing Button

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