“What I did with my Golden Ticket”

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Podiatry – A Golden Ticket Career

Here is the first in our series of blogs “What I did with my podiatry degree”  Private practitioner Emma Price explains how she came to choose podiatry as a career and what she’s achieved since graduating.

“If I’m honest I was never sure what it was I wanted to be. I moved from potentially being a natural history documentary film maker to a dive master in Thailand to a Science teacher where I finally settled for 5 years. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I wanted to “be”.

As I could tell my career in teaching was coming to an end, I decided to reassess things. I was given some excellent advice (by my mother – a Podiatrist funnily enough!) and was asked to write down not what I wanted to be but what I wanted out of my job. What did I want to achieve? Where did I see my future career going? This is actually easier than I thought….

Here was my list…










Not once was Podiatry on my radar, (for no particular reason but I really hadn’t considered it) but once I had a read about the career options available it really was a case of getting on a course ASAP.  The Birmingham School of Podiatry became my home for the next 3 years and I have never looked back. Not once. I worked my socks off and had a clear business objective throughout the degree course.


I now am a director of two successful clinics and the second is just entering an expansion phase. What a journey we are on!



I am exhausted (I’m not going to lie – find a new business owner who isn’t) however, I can honestly say I have never woken up not wanting to go to work, because it’s mine. I run my own life now and couldn’t be happier”.

Check back again soon to read more stories from podiatrists using their golden ticket degree!

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